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18 Corbett Avenue
Droitwich Spa
WR9 7BE.

About Us

Droitwich Dentist Peter Davis BDS

We are a small team dedicated to providing quality dental care, gently, and in as relaxed and friendly an environment as we can manage. We have one owner-dentist supported by a team of two hygienists and several nurses and receptionists and work from purpose-built premises which are fully wheelchair accessible. We are situated close to Droitwich town centre and have our own car park.

Opening Hours:

We are open from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, and from 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday.


The Practice has been in Corbett Avenue for more than 30 years. Peter Davis took over from the previous Droitwich dentist, Peter Reeve, in 1996 when it was located at number 9. Fortunate circumstances led to the acquisition of land previously occupied by the Highfields Hospital allowing the design and construction of the new surgery at number 18 which opened in May 1999.

Customer Care:

We work very hard on making your visits as convenient and comfortable as we can. We like to have a relaxed and friendly relationship with our visitors making it easy for you to ask questions and discuss any choices relevant to your care. We understand that some people find dentistry stressful and aim to make it as easy and agreeable as can possibly be achieved. This aim extends throughout the team, from the way we answer the phone to the way we give our local anaesthetics.

We rarely run late, but we will let you know on those occasions when we are behind schedule. We provide coffee and newspapers in the reception area and there is a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

We always phone to remind you about your appointments on the day before you are due to attend, and we can do this by e-mail or text - or not at all - if you prefer.

Cross Infection Control:

All of the team continually update their knowledge to ensure that the most effective and up to date techniques are used, in accordance with the recommendations of the General Dental Council. This involves the use of increasing numbers of single use, disposable instruments (eg bibs, needles, impression trays, polishing cups etc, etc) along with a policy to autoclave (treatment at very high pressure and temperature in steam) all other instruments. We use these techniques to protect ourselves as well as our patients.


If you need a dentist in Droitwich we offer emergency appointments each day and will see you promptly if you are in trouble. Please try to phone as early in the day as you can to reserve one of these visits.

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