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When will we be open again?


Reopening in a limited way on June 8th


UPDATE June 2nd: We will be back open on June 8th but we won't be answering the phone. Initially we will be providing a very limited range of treatments as we are unable to do any 'drilling' until at least June 17th, perhaps even after that.

If you would like to be considered for an early appointment please send us an email so we can prioritise those in most need in the early days. We know that a good number of our patients are troubled by dental problems which have arisen during lockdown. .
If you need to discuss your needs with Peter you can contact him by phone on 07779448534.

Once we are up and running we will prioritise those we see to treat those in pain, or at risk of having their condition progress significantly, before less urgent procedures.

The reason for the delay is that many routine dental treatments release a fine mist into the surgery air from the mouth (aerosol generating procedures) and these, if virus-laden, are a risk to us and potentially to subsequent patients as well. We are due to have our masks professionally fitted but, even when we have done this, trying to track down supplies is very difficult at the moment so only a limited amount of work will be possible. In addition each surgery must be left for an hour after treatment for the virus to settle before being used again, and we will have to clean it even more thoroughly than we always did before.

The return to routine dental care is likely to be some way off but the situation has a habit of changing rapidly, so watch this space!

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When will we be open again?

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Our News items have now moved to our Facebook page...